Walters’ campaign page posts false claim

Okla. — At 1:36 p.m. on Monday, the verified Ryan Walters for OK State Superintendent Facebook page posted that opponent April Grace had been endorsed by the OK Democratic Party in this primary.

Today, the Oklahoma Democratic Party clarified by countering back with its own social media post stating the claim was false.

“It’s disgusting the degree an unqualified candidate will go to manipulate voters into believing a flat-out lie in an attempt to distract and cover up their own inadequacies for a job. Oklahoma doesn’t need more corrupt, tainted, unethical, and fraudulent politicians in office. Walters doesn’t deserve to be elected in a position that oversees our teachers’ and students’ safety, well-being, and future!” the OK Democratic Party post read. “The Oklahoma Democratic Party wholeheartedly endorses Jena Nelson for State Superintendent!”