• Wagoner marijuana, hemp company hopes to start growing by 2020

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    WAGONER, Okla. - Wagoner’s first approved marijuana grow is getting ready to open.

    Wagoner Grow Inc. will grow medical cannabis and hemp.

    The company is taking over a large warehouse that’s been sitting empty on Main Street for years.

    The company's president said he was inspired to work with medical cannabis after it changed his life by helping his opioid dependency.

    Wagoner Grow is in the process of purchasing a 60-acre plot of land to be used to grow hemp. The company is hiring 150-200 people for things like tending to plants, construction, marketing and lab research.

    Wagoner Mayor Albert Jones said this company is a big deal for the city’s economy. It’s expected to bring in tax dollars and more foot traffic to downtown, in addition to creating jobs.

    Wagoner Grow will start accepting applicants in about two weeks and hopes to start growing by 2020.

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