• Wagoner man's dog leads deputies to him after short chase

    By: Mariah Ellis



    • Wagoner deputies arrested two people after serving a search warrant to a barn turned into a house.
    • When officials searched the home on Oct. 10, they found Carrie Metcalf hiding inside. Guns and drugs were also found in the house.
    • Investigators later identified James L. Ayer as another suspect. Ayer was arrested Saturday after his dog led police to him hiding in a field.

    Two were arrested after Wagoner deputies searched a home near 20th East Avenue and 171st Street.

    On Oct 10, deputies served a search warrant for methamphetamine and firearms at a barn that was turned into a house.

    When they entered the house, they found Carrie Metcalf hiding inside and arrested her for other warrants.

    Drugs and firearms were found during the search.

    Investigators later identified James L. Ayer as another suspect. Ayer had been on the run from police until his arrest on Saturday, officials say.

    Deputies spotted Ayer's car and pulled him over. Ayer got out of the car, ran from police and hid in a nearby field.

    Searchlights were put up in the area while officials looked for Ayer. Deputies were able to see a dog's eyes glowing and looking at them. When they went toward the dog, they found Ayer hiding.

    Deputies later found out that the dog that helped them was Ayer's personal pet.

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