Wagoner County deputies rescue people from deep water after road sign is stolen

Road signs stolen from flooded Wagoner County Streets


  • Wagoner County deputies are warning people to 
    Officials say the are getting reports of people stealing road closed signs blocking off high water areas near
  • Deputies say they got a call that a vehicle drove in to an area near East 670 Road and South 280 Road Saturday night since there were no signs up. The caller said water was getting in their car, and they needed help.
  • Deputies and fire officials with Whitehorn Cove swam through chest deep water for about 100 yards to the stranded driver and carry them to safety.
  • They say those signs are there for a reason-turn around don't drown. Deputies say they'll prosecute anyone caught removing the signs to the fullest extent of the law.

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The gym officially opened Saturday.

Vincent told FOX23 he left his successful BMX racing career to join the military after 9/11. While in the military, his vehicle was bombed and he lost a friend. Vincent was hospitalized for almost ten months and unconscious for most of it. He says he became depressed and wanted to take his own life. That’s until he was able to get back in the gym and regain his focus. He met a physical therapist in Tulsa and the two of them decided to open Beyond gym.

Vincent says he's looking to get a non-profit involved so veterans can use the gym for free.

Gym services are also availble to non-veterans.