Volunteers gather to clean and beautify historic Greenwood District

TULSA, Okla. — Nearly 30 volunteers gathered in Greenwood to help clean the historic district and its buildings.

Last week, Greenwood Chamber of Commerce President Freeman Culver gave FOX23 a tour of the buildings, showing improvements that needed to be made.

He mentioned more than $2 million needed to replace the HVAC and elevators, but also needing cosmetic work like painting and replacing the bathrooms.

This week, volunteers got a head start on the cosmetic work by painting, replacing lightbulbs, and picking up trash.

“The cosmetic issues were painting, picking up trash in the whole district, a lot of times visitors come here and they patronize but they throw the trash on the ground, some locals do the same thing, so what we’re doing today is picking up the trash in the district and do some beautification around the Greenwood area,” said Culver.

Volunteers also painted the hallway behind the businesses in preparation for a museum about the 13 all-black towns in Oklahoma coming within the next two months.