Video shows teen try to escape Jenks police during interview

JENKS, Okla. — Jenks police shared video Thursday of a woman trying to escape while being questioned.

The video shows Olivia Basnett following her arrest in July get up and run from officers while being interviewed by officers inside the police station.

She did not get very far.

Basnett Escape Attempt

ATTEMPTED ESCAPE: I got this video from Jenks Police today of a suspect trying to get away from police while being questioned. Officers say Oliva Basnett was part of a theft ring stealing from cars and using people's credit cards. She didn't get far before getting caught by police.

Posted by FOX23 Jackie DelPilar on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Officers followed her out of the interview room only to find her caught by another officer in the hallway.

Officers say Basnett was part of a suspected car theft ring and using stolen credit cards.

Documents filed in the case say officers found her in a traffic stop with keys to a car that had recently been stolen from a garage, a stolen backpack, and an expandable baton.

Jenks police say they have seen a decrease in this type of theft since her arrest.

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