Video disputes truck driver's story in Jenks rollover crash

JENKS, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A tanker truck rollover in Jenks in Sunday.
  • Gas spilled into a storm drain and the intersection was closed for hours.
  • The truck driver said a vehicle cut him off, causing the crash.
  • Video evidence disputes that claim and shows no other vehicle involved.

Jenks police say newly obtained video disputes a tanker truck driver's claim that a blue car cut him off and caused a rollover crash on Sunday.

The crash happened near Elm and the Creek Turnpike and resulted in gasoline spilling into a storm drain.

Officials said that surveillance video from a nearby business doesn't show any other vehicles involved in the crash. Police believe the driver may have taken the curb too fast and lost control.

Investigators said a lot of time was wasted searching for another vehicle that doesn't appear to exist. Police plan to pursue charges of obstruction and reckless driving against the truck driver, but it will be up to the district attorney to accept them.

A hazmat crew was called to the scene to clean the gas out of the storm drain. Because of the resources used, there is a possibility the city could seek reimbursement from the company that owns the truck.

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