Victims named in deadly shooting at Tulsa St. Francis medical building

Tulsa in mourning after gunman opens fire inside St. Francis medical building killing 4

Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin released the names of the shooter and the four victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting at a south Tulsa St. Francis medical building, near 61st and Yale.

Chief Franklin said Michael Louis was a patient of Dr. Preston Phillips, who was one of the people shot and killed. Franklin says Louis blamed the doctor for his continued pain. TPD says he entered the Natalie Medical Building Wednesday caring a rifle and a handgun.

Dr. Stephanie Husen, receptionist Amanda Glenn and patient William Love were also killed in this shooting. Police say after shooting those victims, he shot himself.

“This person didn’t come to a hospital looking to shoot random people for any reason he had very specific purpose today he went to this floor he went to this building cause he had intent,” Capt. Richard Meulenberg of the Tulsa Police Department said.

Tulsa Police Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish said the call came in for an active shooter at 4:52 p.m. Wednesday. By 5:01 p.m., Tulsa police were on the second flood of the Natalie building where they found the gunman and the victims dead.

Dominica Smith, a nurse who works in the Natalie Building described the scene as chaotic and scary.

“We were able to text family and ask them to keep us in prayer, and keep in touch with our family to let them know we’re ok,” Smith said. “I’m very shaken up, I mean, I’ve seen it on TV the last couple of weeks, and it’s just, just startling to just have to go through that. it’s very scary, it’s scary.”

The Natalie Building houses an orthopedic center.

“Saint Francis Health System is grieving the loss of four members of our community,” Saint Francis Health System said in a statement. “As a faith based organization, the only recourse we have at this moment is to pray while we navigate this tragedy. We ask that you please pray for the employees and physicians of the Saint Francis Health System.”

St. Francis also said several offices have canceled appoints due to Wednesday’s shooting.

“This campus is sacred ground for our community,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said Wednesday. “For decades, this campus has been a place where people come to work - heroes have come to work - to save the lives of people in our community. Just in the last few years, in the greatest public crisis our city has had to face, this has been the facility more than any other that has worked to save the lives of people in this city.”

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