• University of Oklahoma retains law firm to investigate "allegations of serious misconduct"


    NORMAN, Okla. - The University of Oklahoma has retained a high-powered law firm to investigate allegations of “serious misconduct.”

    University officials said it retained the international Jones-Day firm to conduct the investigation.

    “The University of Oklahoma received allegations of serious misconduct that it was legally obligated to investigate.  The University retained the Jones Day firm to conduct an independent investigation, which is ongoing at the current time.   Appropriate individuals will have an opportunity to be interviewed during the investigation.” – Lauren Brookey, OU Vice President of Marketing and Communications

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    Though OU did not name any subject in the investigation, an attorney for former OU President David Boren released a statement late Wednesday evening:

    “This is not an objective search for the truth. It is a fishing expedition. It has been widely reported that the current OU president threatened to destroy President Boren. I hope this leak of a possible inquiry is not part of any agenda to smear President Boren’s good name.”

    “I have been told that President James Gallogly has in the past few months commissioned the Jones-Day firm to investigate several people. I have not been given a complaint or summary of any complaint against President Boren. To date, Jones-Day has not accepted our invitation to meet to talk about the matter. Jones-Day has been paid nearly $300,000 in taxpayer money and still won’t agree to even talk to President Boren’s counsel.”

    “Even though we have received no complaint, President Boren emphatically denies any inappropriate behavior or unlawful activity. He has been a dedicated public servant for more than 50 years and his life is an open book in Oklahoma.” - Bob Burke, attorney and spokesman for David L. Boren

    This is a developing story that FOX23 will continue to follow. Check back for updates.

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