Union school bus drops 6-year-old off in wrong neighborhood

Union school bus drops 6-year-old off in wrong neighborhood

TULSA, Okla. — The mother of a 6-year-old Union Public Schools student said a bus driver dropped him off at the wrong stop this week and he walked to a nearby store for help.

“I was in complete shock. My heart sank. I just immediately started crying,” Anna Moore said.

Her son, Carter, started summer school this week and should have been dropped off at their neighborhood park.

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Instead, Moore said the bus driver dropped him off about a quarter mile away, in the wrong neighborhood.

“My husband came here after school and he was waiting over an hour and he never showed up,” Moore said.

Eventually, she got a call from Broken Arrow police. Someone called 911 when they saw Carter crossing 91st Street to get to a Walgreens.

“He was able to tell the officer how to get home and they brought him home,” Moore said.

Union Public Schools released a statement:

"It was a case of a bus driver driving a new route on the first day of summer school who experienced some confusion about where the child was to be dropped off. Being dropped off at Walgreen's is not in keeping with district policy."

Moore said she is pleased with the district’s response and a different bus driver picked Carter up the next day.

It’s important to make sure children know where they live, their address and phone number, Moore said.

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