• Man accused of shooting at Uber driver, customer arrested


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts: - QUICK FACTS:

    • Tulsa police arrested Jose Almader after an Uber driver was shot.
    • The incident happened at a motel near 41st and Memorial early Saturday.
    • Shots were fired after an altercation between a rider and someone else.
    • The bullet grazed the driver's face and arm.

    Tulsa police arrested Jose Almader after an Uber driver was shot near 41st and Memorial early Saturday.

    Police say the suspect shot at a car, which resulted in the Uber driver being shot in the arm and face. 

    The Uber driver says he was picking up a client from a motel when the client jumped into the car and told him to drive. A group of men got in the car and started fighting. The driver said he heard gunshots and felt a bullet graze his arm and face as he was driving off. The driver left the area and called police.

    A couple of hours later an officer noticed a car driving near 21st and Mingo matching the description of the suspect car.

    The officer pulled the Almader over and took him into custody after the victim identified him as the shooter. 

    Uber officials released a statement showing support to the victim.

    “This is a tragic incident and we’ve reached out to the driver to check on his well-being. We stand ready to help police with any information needed for their investigation.”

    Uber has a policy that prohibits firearms.

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