Stolen U-Haul leads Tulsa police to uncover fraud ring

TULSA, Okla. — A stolen U-Haul led police to uncover what they’re calling a fraud ring in east Tulsa, involving stolen checks, fake IDs and counterfeit money.

Tulsa police arrested Nicole Williams and James Richardson for several charges related to fraudulent activity.

Police said Tuesday around 6 p.m. an officer saw a stolen U-Haul truck heading to a hotel near East 31st Street and South Memorial Avenue in Tulsa. Police stopped the truck and took Williams, the driver, and Richardson into custody for questioning.

Police learned Williams rented the U-Haul 12 days before and never returned the truck. She had multiple hotel room keys, fake IDs and credit cards in her purse.

Police found evidence inside Williams’s motel room that suggested she is deeply involved in making counterfeit IDs, checks and money, as well as identity theft and other fraud offenses. Officers recovered computers, printers, and thousands of pages of fake IDs, fake checks, and bank information belonging to several people.

Police arrested Williams for possession of a stolen vehicle after former conviction of a felony (AFCF), three counts of identity theft AFCF, failure to return rental property, conspiracy to commit a felony AFCF, knowingly concealing stolen property AFCF, and two counts of creating, manufacturing or selling false ID documents AFCF.

Richardson was arrested for conspiracy to commit a felony AFCF and joyriding.