Couple accused of stealing guns in two drive-through Tulsa burglaries

They say the couple stole guns both times.

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Police arrested Anthony Martinez and Shannon Fryman on gun theft, possession of illegal guns and drug complaints
  • Investigators say they were the people who crashed a stolen car into Action Arms gun shop near 51st and Mingo
  • They allegedly stole more than a dozen guns
  • Officers believe the couple was behind another pawn shop break-in

Police believe they caught the pair behind two of Tulsa's most recent gun thefts.

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FOX23 shared the surveillance video of a driver crashing through Action Arms near 51st and Mingo last week.

The gun shop reported at least a 11 AR-15s stolen from the store.

Officers say they ditched the stolen car nearby and moved the loot to a getaway car.

A tip led investigators to Anthony Martinez and Shannon Fryman. The tipster said Martinez wanted to sell the guns. They arrested him at a Broken Arrow pawn shop.

They confronted Fryman at her house, where they say she admitted to the burglary.

Detectives recovered five of the stolen guns.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Anthony Martinez Perp Walk

Police say the duo also hit a pawn shop in late September.

They reportedly found a stolen gun that checked back to EZ Dollar Pawn near 31st and Sheridan.

There, suspects also drove a car into the storefront before stealing jewelry and guns.

Officers say pictures from that incident lead them to believe the same suspects were behind that burglary, and they say Fryman confessed that she and Martinez had committed the crime.

Both Martinez and Fryman have felony histories, with convictions involving drugs, assault and battery and stolen credit cards.

Fryman recently got out of prison.

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