• Two arrested in connection to extortion in Okmulgee county

    By: Jackie DelPilar



    • Okmulgee sheriff's deputies arrested Dominic Waterdown and Sandra Howard, who they said the suspects threatened to harm people in exchange for cash.
    • Deputies said on Monday, the victim got text messages from someone demanding a large amount of cash. The suspects told the victim if they didn't get them the money by a certain time, they would kill the victim and a family member.
    • The victim went to Morris police, who called the Sheriff’s office for assistance. The departments worked with the victim to arrange a meet-up sting operation to catch the suspects.
    • Investigators met the suspects at a local gas station, made an exchange then the suspects left in a car. Deputies pulled the car over immediately and arrested Waterdown and Howard for extortion and conspiracy to commit a felony.

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