• Two arrested after doctor finds baby with broken femur

    By: Lynn Casey



    • Justin Shane McCaskill and Abigail Friedman are being charged with child neglect after taking their 12-day-old son to the doctor's office.
    • Officials said the child has a broken femur, bruises and cuts. The parents said they didn't know the bone was broken.
    • The baby is now in recovering in a foster home.

    Tulsa police arrested a couple accused of neglecting their 12-day-old baby boy.

    Officers say Justin Shane McCaskill and Abigail Friedman took their baby to the doctor with a broken femur, bruises and cuts. 

    McCaskill and Friedman said they didn't know the baby had a broken femur. A doctor told detectives it had been broken for a while and it is such a serious break and there's no way the parents couldn't have known and the child must have been in excruciating pain for some time now.

    Doctors believe the fracture happened because of a strong tug or yank on the leg.

    The parents had missed three medical appointments for the newborn. When asked why the appointments were missed, the parents said "we are not morning people," according to the doctor.

    Friedman and McCaskill are charged with neglect.

    The baby is now in a foster home, recovering from his injury.


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