Turkey Mountain officials ask public not to steal trees, other plants from the park

TULSA, Okla. — Tuesday afternoon, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area published a message to visitors on their Facebook page: Don’t steal.

“We’re a little sad that we have to say this, but don’t take plants and trees from the park,” the post warned.

Officials explained that they came across a couple in the park that were digging up seedlings, removing bushes and cutting branches at Turkey Mountain. The couple was doing this in order to move the plants to their own yard, according to the post.

“This is illegal,” Turkey Mountain officials stated.

According to Tulsa’s Code of Ordinances, it is against the law to remove or transplant any plants or injure bark, pick flowers or seeds of any trees or plants because it can injure the beauty or usefulness of any area.

Officials expressed their disappointment to have found park visitors removing plants and trees from the area, and they reminded potential visitors to appreciate the nature’s beauty without disturbing it on their next visit.