• Tulsa woman finds snake in silverware drawer

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    Tulsa, Okla. - QUICK FACTS:

    • A Tulsa woman had a surprising start to her day when she found a snake in her silverware drawer
    • The woman says she opened the drawer to see the snake on top of her silverware. At first she thought it was a toy or a joke from her teenage daughter, but when she reached for it, the snake snapped at her.
    • She called pest control who came and put it outside. By the time pest control got there, the snake had slithered over to her dish washer and fell inside.
    • Oklahoma wildlife experts have identified that snake as a Texas brown. It is non-venomous and feeds on insects and slugs.
    • Experts say it’s not uncommon to find snakes in drawers, as they are usually following their food (bugs) into the house
    • If you are dealing with an unfamiliar animal of any kind, its advised you call an expert in to get rid of the animal. Even non-venomous animals can be harmful.

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