Tulsa’s first freeze on the way

TULSA, Okla. — On average, the first freeze in Tulsa happens on November 3rd, but there is a large range of dates it could fall on.

The first freeze in the city could occur anytime between Oct. 7 — which occurred in 2012 — to Nov. 28 — the first freeze of 1990.

Last year the freeze was much later than average, not occurring in Tulsa until Nov. 23, the fifth latest freeze on record.

Some locations in Green Country have already had a light freeze, ending the 2021 growing season for those locations officially.

A freeze warning in effect for far eastern and parts of southeast Oklahoma is in effect for Friday morning — those locations may also dip to around freezing.

So far, Tulsa appears that it will go at least another week without the risk of a freeze, although far northern and far eastern Oklahoma tends to see the first freeze of the fall in late October.

Areas along and south of I-40 in the viewing area average the first freeze of the season in mid-November