• Tulsa woman takes alternate route after city stalls light installation

    By: Katie Higgins


    TULSA, Okla - Quick facts:

    • Tory Conner said she had to go to PSO to have a security light installed.
    • She said Tulsa took to long to install the light.
    • PSO will install security lights for those that have poles in their yards for them.


    A local woman said she went around the city of Tulsa in the name of safety.

    FOX23 uncovered hundreds of requests, and we found the city of Tulsa is not installing them.

    One woman said she got tired of waiting and went to PSO for help. She said she finally got light in front of her home.

    Tory Conner said she has been waiting years for a street light, and the city still did not supply her with a light.

    She said she went over the city’s head and dipped into her wallet for a security light.

    After Connor called PSO, she said someone installed the light within a week.

    Security lights are not street lights.

    Anyone with a security light pole in their yard can get a security light if they are willing to foot the bill.

    Connor said she pays about $10 extra a month on her electric bill for her light.

    The city has not installed any new lights in 2016.

    Residents who do not have a pole in their yard but are interested in a security light can pay for a pole, but it will cost around $800.

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