Tulsa woman starts pre-K school in her backyard, helps neighbors find daycare for children

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa woman told FOX23 she’s starting an outdoor pre-K school in her backyard to help her neighbors find daycare for their children.

After working in education for six years, Jessica Stewart wanted to think outside the box. She’s starting a new outdoor, nature-based pre-K school in Tulsa.

She said her backyard is the main classroom, but on bad-weather days, she will move children inside to her living room.

Stewart said, “I’ve become really passionate about creating a space for kids to learn and be kids. That means running and jumping and being as loud as they want, all while learning. I started thinking about it in September.”

Right now, she said she’s planning on having up to seven kids to start in August. She’s partially enrolled and expecting an influx in applications this week.

“What I’m hearing from families, is they’re having a hard time finding childcare. Schools that are similar to this usually have a waitlist,” she explained.

She also told FOX23 her school has passed inspections as well.

“My permit is through DHS. I had to go through their application process,” Stewart explained. “[DHS] did home visits and background checks and things like that.”

Stewart hopes this can be another option for families in the area.

If you’re interested in learning more or enrolling, you can check out the Stewart Little Day School’s website.