Tulsa woman has warning for others after being bitten by brown recluse spider

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A Tulsa woman was recently bit by a brown recluse spider.
  • She had it treated but her foot still became swollen and caused a lot of pain.
  • She is warning others to have unusual bites checked out to prevent them from getting worse.

A Tulsa woman is warning others to be cautious of venomous spiders after she was recently bitten.

Allison Allen told FOX23 she was bitten by a brown recluse while she was sleeping a few weeks ago. She had it treated and initially felt fine, but her foot becomes so swollen about a week later that she couldn’t fit it in her shoe.

Allen said it was painful to walk and she wants people to know that they should have any unusual bite checked out by a doctor.

A venomous spider bite left untreated could land a person in the hospital.

“I think it’s something people need to know about. I was lucky enough to catch mine early and it was still very painful,” Allen said.

Experts recommend shaking out clothes and sheets, as well as having your home sprayed, in order to prevent spider bites.

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