• Tulsa woman faces dozens of new fraud charges

    By: Cailey Dougherty


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    • Police arrested Crystal Martinson in east Tulsa.
    • She faces dozens of fraud-related charges.
    • Martinson was arrested in 2014 for 103 fraud-related complaints.

    TULSA, Okla. - A woman is back behind bars after police arrested her on dozens of fraud complaints.

    Crystal Martinson, 49, faces 79 counts related to fraud.

    Martinson is accused of stealing mail, credit cards, driver’s licenses, W2 forms and social security cards.

    She was arrested in 2014 for 103 fraud-related complaints and sentenced to 12 years in jail, though she was released on parole after serving three years.

    Monday, Martinson reportedly called police to report that a friend stole her car, but when police arrested the man in connection to the alleged theft, he reportedly told police about the stolen items in Martinson’s motel room near 41st and Memorial.

    Investigators then reportedly searched Martinson’s room and arrested her.

    Officers said they believe Martinson took most of the items from mailboxes. They have identified 34 mail theft victims, but they believe there are probably more.

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