• Tulsa woman accused of selling Jeep, stealing it back during violent break-in

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police say Alyson Ry Moore and an unnamed man stole a Jeep during a violent break-in.
    • They say Moore had sold the Jeep previously to the victim.
    • Investigators say the suspects are on the loose.


    Tulsa police are looking for a woman who they say invaded the home of a person who bought a Jeep from her and demanded the SUV back.

    Police say Alyson Ry Moore and another man invaded the victim’s midtown apartment with a baseball bat and a gun in late March.

    Detectives say the victim wrestled the baseball bat from Moore’s hands and hit her in the head with it at first, but then eventually had to comply when the male suspect pulled out a gun.

    Police say the suspects then grabbed the keys to the Jeep and a cell phone and ran from the apartment.

    Tulsa Police Department

    Detectives say they often see robberies when it comes to drug sales, but rarely do they see something like this with a vehicle sale, especially several days after the sale.

    Police didn’t identify how the victim and suspect set up the initial sale, but they say it’s a good reminder to always stay vigilant, even after selling or buying something from another person.

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    The victim talked with FOX23 off camera and said police told her that the SUV has since been totaled.

    Moore is wanted on two counts of robbery, one count of burglary and one count of auto theft.

    The man has not yet been identified.

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