Tulsa will not cut off ties to Russian sister city, Zelenograd

TULSA, Okla. — The City of Tulsa has had a sister city in Russia called Zelenograd since 1992.

A sister city is a long-term partnership between two cities and that is agreed upon by the highest elective officials from both cities. Both communities can share cultural and commercial ties.

American companies have begun pulling out and the federal government issuing sanctions against Russia, in response to the Ukraine invasion.

Mayor G.T. Bynum states Tulsa will not cut off ties and continue relations with its sister city in Russia, Zelenograd.

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Bynum said he received a letter from the Sister Cities International program that asked American cities not to cut ties with their Russian partners at this time.

“Americans do not have issues with the actual Russian people, just their autocratic leadership and decision to invade Ukraine,” said Mayor Bynum.

Some mayors across the U.S. have been openly considering cutting ties with their sister cities in Russia as a way of taking further action against Russia for their invasion of Ukraine despite there being no monetary or economic losses associated with ending the program.

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