• Tulsa veteran given new truck to replace stolen one

    By: Amber Hughes


    Story Highlights

    • Someone stolen a Tulsa veteran's truck.
    • It contained a welding machine and his tools.
    • Solider's Wish, Subway and an anonymous donor teamed up to get him a new truck.

    TULSA, Okla. - An 8-year Army veteran was given a new truck to replace the one that was stolen from him.

    Aaron Eubanks, 28, said his truck was stolen on January 1, before he left for class at Tulsa Welding School. The truck was a gift from his dad and had a welding machine and tools inside.

    The Solider's Wish organization teamed up with Subway and an anonymous donor to replace the truck. Eubanks was given a new truck worth roughly $20,000.

    Eubanks will finish his welding program in April.

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