Tulsa teachers continue 110-mile walk to lobby for education funding: Live updates

Teachers March From Tulsa To Oklahoma City In Support Of Education Funding

Day 1

TULSA, Okla. — Close to 150 people began marching Wednesday from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. The Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association organized the march.

The group of teachers, parents and supporters are walking to send a message of solidarity in their fight for more education funding from state lawmakers.

They began their walk at Webster High School in Tulsa.

The march needs volunteers, averaging fewer than 20 miles daily for walkers; other volunteers include driving support vehicles, donating food and water, or allowing demonstrators to stay overnight along the route.

Day 2

Nearly 150 people finished day two of a 7-day walk from Tulsa to the state capitol to join the thousands of teachers rallying for better education funding in Oklahoma.

They hope to make it to Oklahoma City by Tuesday.

The group stayed the night at Bristow High School.

Day 3

Fleet Feet donated socks, body glide and rollers to teachers as they continue their trek to Oklahoma City.

They left Bristow High School Friday morning after staying the night there.

The group had to stop in Stroud because of lightning in the area. They stayed the night at the Stroud 66 Coliseum.

Day 4

The group left Stroud on Saturday morning and made a stop in Davenport for lunch. From there they continued toward Chandler.

Teachers said the cold weather and an earthquake didn’t stop them from pushing forward.

The group is average around 15 miles each day.

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