• Tulsa store owner hopes surveillance footage will lead police to break-in suspect

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • A midtown Tulsa convenience store owner hopes that someone can recognize the man who broke into their store over the weekend.
    • Video shows the suspect throw a rock through the glass storefront early Sunday morning at Perfect Food and Gas near 15th and Harvard.
    • Video shows the suspect go inside, unlock the door, run back out the door and grab a trashcan he brought.
    • He then appears to go back into the store and fill the trash can with loot.
    • The owners say they are frustrated, because they say the amount of stuff he took from their store wasn’t even worth the amount of damage he caused.
    • They say they are confident that someone knows the suspect, and they hope the good surveillance footage will help identify him.
    • Tulsa police are investigating.

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