Tulsa Rowing Club missing dock found

VIDEO: Tulsa Rowing Club recovers runaway dock

TULSA, Okla. — 6/13/19 UPDATE: Someone found the missing Tulsa Rowing Club dock near Bixby Thursday -- about 20 miles downriver from where it floated away.

The Tulsa Rowing Club says it has now recovered the entire floating dock that broke apart and was swept away during flooding on the Arkansas River last month.

The final piece of the dock got caught underneath the 96th St. bridge in Jenks near the aquarium.

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The rowing club says the floating dock easily breaks apart into small pieces, so they're going to transport the pieces to the boathouse and try to rebuild the dock soon.


  • The Tulsa Rowing Club is planning to reward $1,000 to anyone who finds their floating boat dock.
  • They say about 100 feet of docks were gone sometime around May 18-19th after the Arkansas River flooded.
  • The dock was last spotted near I-44 in debris, but then more flooding took it further down the river after it was anchored shortly.
  • They say the dock is significant to them. It has a Canadian maple leaf and the Olympic Rings on it after it was used in the Olympics a few years back.
  • The club says the loss is tough because they are still trying to get back on their feet after they lost their boat club and most of their equipment from an arson incident back in 2016.

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