Tulsa restaurant celebrates employee’s sobriety with special mocktail

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa restaurant is raising their glass while purposefully leaving out a key ingredient—alcohol.

NOLA’s on Cherry Street has something new added to the menu that’s very special to them. Non-alcoholic cocktails, also called mocktails, are taking off.

Anyone who chooses to abstain from alcohol now has more options when dining out.

The inspiration behind their newest mocktail is the newest manager at NOLA’s, Haley Zieg.

“It’s nice to have something tasty without alcohol in it if you just want something different than soda or water,” said Zieg.

Zieg said that she has been sober for a year and a half.

She had an eye-opening experience of being told that she had just three months to live. That experience prompted her to go to detox.

Since then, she never looked back, leaving alcohol alone.

Zieg said she has the full support of the management at NOLA’s.

“One day it just hit me that I knew I needed to stop, so actually an employee from here drove me to a detox center and dropped me off,” she said.

To show their support a year and a half later, bar manager Ashley Porter created a drink to honor Haley.

The drink is called “Haley’s Comet.”

“Her journey has been amazing to watch and to see her grow and everything. I kind of just wanted to make a drink to honor that,” Porter said.

Zieg is now helping others with their sobriety by meeting once a week. She credits her healing to the support from her work family.

“The management here, the owner here, everyone has been great through everything,” she said.