Tulsa Republican Party border wall display at Tulsa State Fair is up again

TULSA, Okla. — The Republican Party of Tulsa County said Tulsa State Fair officials forced them to remove a display mimicking a border wall in support of President Trump.

The display - made up of construction paper bricks - has been used as a fundraiser for the party. Bricks ranged in price from $5 to $75.

The Democratic Party of Tulsa County said they received several complaints about the display over the five days it was on display at the fair. Complaints called it bigoted, racist and discriminatory.

The Tulsa State Fair released a statement about vendor policy:

"The Tulsa State Fair is committed to providing a safe and family friendly environment for all attendees.  All vendors must follow the terms of their Lease Agreement, which includes rules outlined in the Vendor Rules & Regulation Handbook.  At this time, we have asked a few vendors to adjust their displays for this reason.  There are a couple of incidents each year when booths accidentally or intentionally violate the Lease Agreement or the rules in the Vendor Rules & Regulation Handbook."

On Tuesday afternoon, Tulsa republicans say the fair authority talked with them, and told them they could put it back up.

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