• Tulsa Public Schools announces budget cut proposals


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Tulsa parents and neighbors packed into a meeting Wednesday night to discuss budget cuts for Tulsa Public Schools.
    • District leaders are looking for ways to cut at least $12 million from the budget in the next fiscal year.
    • A public survey was posted recently to gauge opinion on the best ways to make cuts.

    Job cuts, school closings and increased class sizes were just some of the the ideas proposed by Tulsa Public Schools to close a $12 million budget gap.

    The recommendations were announced at a school board meeting Wednesday night.

    Proposed Cuts:

    • Cut district offices, including 25 jobs.
    • Consolidate middle school athletics and downsize high school athletics.
    • Consolidate Remington Elementary and ECDC Porter onto the Clinton Middle Schools campus. Merge Clinton students with Webster High School.
    • Cut instructional support.
    • Adjust staffing plans.
    • Reduce JROTC programs.
    • Increase high school class sizes by one students each.
    • Enact 2-day district-wide furloughs.
    • Add an additional 3-day furlough to director-level staff.

    Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum attended the meeting and spoke with FOX23 about the tough choices ahead for schools.

    "By underfunding education today, we're impacting Tulsa's ability to grow in the long haul," Bynum said.

    The board is expected to start making decisions about what to do with the budget at their next meeting later this month.

    Superintendent Gist answered questions on KRMG


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