• Tulsa police to use method from Golden State Killer case to help solve cold case

    By: Paris Holmes


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police hope to use methods used to find the Golden State Killer suspect to solve the 14-year-old murder case of Brittany Phillips.

    Phillips, 18, died in September 2004 in an apparent rape and murder in her apartment.

    In January, the company Parabon Snapshot used the DNA gathered at the crime scene to create a composite sketch of a potential suspect.

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    Authorities in California caught the alleged Golden State Killer by comparing DNA found at a scene to those in Parabon's database in order to find relatives of a potential suspect.

    Tulsa detectives hope the same method will narrow down a suspect in the Phillips murder case.

    Phillips's mother, Maggie Zingman said this development gives her more hope that detectives are close to finding her daughter's killer.

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