• Tulsa police solved 100 percent of bank robberies from past two years

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - The recent capture of a 2017 Tulsa bank robbery suspect puts Tulsa police at a 100% solve rate for the crime in the past two years. 

    Timothy Hayes is now in the Tulsa County Jail, after being extradited from Houston, Texas. 

    Police said he was arrested there a couple of weeks ago after a warrant came out for his arrest in mid-January.

    Detectives said Hayes robbed the Bank of America near Pine and MLK in early November. 

    Here are the numbers on Tulsa bank robberies in the last few years: 

    • 2016 - 14 bank robberies
    • 2017 - 10 bank robberies
    • 2018 so far - 1 bank robbery

    Tulsa police, in connection with the FBI, have solved and arrested all of the suspects in those robberies. 

    You have to go back to 2015 to find a Tulsa bank robbery that is still unsolved. Police said a woman robbed an IBC Bank near Skelly and Yale two times that year. They never could prove who it was, but they said they believe the person who did it is in prison for an unrelated crime.

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