• Tulsa police: Six students in custody after threat at Tulsa school

    By: Brooklyn DeGumbia


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Tulsa police say six juveniles are in custody after a school shooting threat at Central High School.
    • The threat originated on a group chat.
    • Tulsa police and Tulsa Public School officials looked into the threat.
    • Police took six students into custody before school started Friday. 
    • The students age in range from 15 to 17. Police said it is four males and two females. 

    Tulsa Public Schools released this statement: 

    The Tulsa Public Schools Campus Police team is working with the team at Central High School to investigate an alleged threat made on social media. We treat every social media threat as credible until we have fully determined otherwise. In addition to partner law enforcement agencies, this process can involve a number of team members including Campus Police, school leaders and their teams, facilities and operations staff, and district leaders at minimum.We urge parents and families to talk with their children about the importance of good digital citizenship and the severity of the potential consequences for bad decisions made online. Regardless of the original intention of the post whether it was a joke or an expression of frustration students who make threats on social media can face long term suspension, arrest, and even criminal charges.

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