• Woman accused of selling fake jewelry on eBay

    By: Lynn Casey



    • A local woman -- currently being prosecuted for embezzling from local small business -- is now accused of selling fake gold on eBay.
    • A Florida man bought what he thought was gold from her, but when he tested it with a magnet he found out it was fake.
    • He says the suspect never responded to any attempts to contact her, so he reported her to eBay and had to get his nearly $1,000 refunded by Pay Pal.
    • The victim told FOX23 he is frustrated that she's still selling things on eBay.
    • eBay responded and said:

    "It’s rare a seller would misrepresent a product purposefully. It’s possible they didn’t appropriately test the gold, which may be a learning experience for them rather than bad intent. If sellers receive multiple complaints from their buyers regarding the condition of the product, or other quality issues, we may limit their abilities to sell until their performance improves. If we continue to see the same patterns, we may permanently restrict or suspend the account."

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