Tulsa police searching for man accused of using dog in Target robberies

VIDEO: Tulsa police looking for man involved in several thefts at Target store


  • Jarrod Paul Nichols is wanted for stealing cell phones from target on several occasions, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for pepper-spraying security employees, running a con game for allegedly "buying" an SUV from someone with a forged money order.
  • Target employees reported on several occasions last fall and winter, Nichols would come into the store with his dog, that he used as personal security to keep security employees away from him while he walked out with cell phones he didn't pay for.
  • Security employees would try to follow him out to the parking lot to get cell phone video of his SUV and license plate, and he would pepper spray them.
  • Tulsa Police call Nichols a career criminal.
  • FOX23 found an extensive criminal history, with years of incarceration in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, dating back to 1993.
  • When police track him down he'll face several new felony charges.
"At Target, the safety and security of our guests and team members is critically important to us. Immediately after the incident occurred, we checked to make sure the vendor who was involved was alright and then called law enforcement. We've shared security footage with the Tulsa Police Department and will continue to provide whatever assistance is needed for their investigation." - Target

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