• Tulsa police say theft suspect commanded dog to attack gas station security guard

    By: Jennah Kester

      TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts: -
    • Tulsa police say that a dog of a theft suspect nearly attacked a security guard. 
    • It happened just after 7pm on Saturday at the 11th and Utica QuikTrip
    • TPD officers say that the security guard attempted to apprehend theft suspect Joe Sparks.
    • Police say it was then that Sparks commanded his dog to go after the security guard. 
    • According to police, the security guard feared and attack was imminent and fired one shot toward to dog. 
    • It was then that Sparks and his dog left the scene, but police later located them nearby. 
    • Officers reviewed the surveillance video, which they say showed the theft and attempted dog. 
    • Sparks was arrested on complaints of petit larceny, public intoxication, dog off leash and outstanding multiple warrants.
    • Police transported Sparks to the City jail. 
    • The dog was not injured and was taken to Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter. 
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