Tulsa police say K9, officer's watchful eye lead to drug arrests

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Tulsa police arrested two people near what they call a "known drug house."
  • The two are accused of crimes relating to meth.
  • They reportedly got nearly a half a pound of meth off the streets.

Tulsa police say they got nearly a half a pound of meth off the streets Monday thanks to a police dog and the watchful eye of one of their officers.

Police say an officer saw a stolen car at what they call “a known drug house” near north Harvard and East King Street.

Reports show that the officer pulled the driver over when she left the house in the car and found some meth inside.

Police say they arrested Tracey Melcher for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of meth.

She reportedly told them she was delivering the drugs “for her friend Steve.”

Half an hour after that arrest, police say they pulled over another car leaving the same “suspected drug house.”

Reports show a police dog showed up and signaled that he smelled drugs inside that car as well.

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Police say they search and found nearly six ounces of meth inside the car as well as drug dealing paraphernalia.

Police say the suspect, Trey Motte, also had $1,300 cash on him.

Officers say they arrested Motte and then got a search warrant for the house.

They say they found a gun and more meth inside.

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