Tulsa police say DNA profile is not Brittany Phillips' killer

Mother speaks out after DNA is not matched to daughters 2004 murder case

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police now say DNA found at the scene of a 2004 homicide is not connected to the death of Brittany Phillips.

In May 2018, officials created a Forensic Composite Drawing of what the suspect would have looked like based on the DNA.

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Now, police say further investigation determined the subject was not involved in Phillips' death. Police no longer think the DNA is connected to the murderer.

However, Cold Case detectives say the technology worked. The DNA developed a sketch that was incredibly accurate and it did lead them to the person they were looking for -- but not the man who killed Phillips.

Phillips' mother, Maggie Zingman, is an outspoken advocate for the DNA testing she thought would lead to her daughter's killer.

In an interview Wednesday, Zingman told FOX23 She found out about the DNA test while out of town. She says It was devastating news since it was the first major lead they'd had in more than a decade since her daughter's rape and murder.

The technology has helped solve several cases across the US, and both Maggie and Detective Majors have hope it can still help them in Brittany's case.

Authorities are still hoping for someone to come forward with new information to help solve the case.

This is a developing story. Check later for more details.

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