• Tulsa police say DNA evidence led to arrest in rape case

    By: Sara Hart


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police said DNA evidence helped them crack a stranger rape case.

    Officers said it happened in mid-June.

    Reports show that Tulsa police found a woman dumped on the side of the road wearing a camouflage hood that blocked her vision. They said she was bound and gagged.

    Police said the woman told them she had been drunk and walking in a parking lot near Admiral and Sheridan when a man came up behind her and put the hood on her head.

    She said the next thing she remembered was waking up in an unfamiliar shower, still bound and with the hood over her face, while a man was bathing her. Police said she told them there was a belt around her neck.

    Reports show the woman said the man then dressed her in a very large T-shirt and carried her to his car. He then reportedly dumped her on the road near 6000 South 129th East Avenue.

    Police said they got DNA evidence and from an exam done by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. They also got the bindings.

    Earlier this week, officers said, they got the DNA results. They said every piece of evidence had one man’s DNA on it and the DNA matched a convicted felon named Jesse Dean Redfearn, who is listed in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation database.

    Police arrested Redfearn on Tuesday. They said he told them he didn’t recognize a picture of the victim and then requested a lawyer.

    Redfearn has prior drug convictions.

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