Attempted robbery outside south Tulsa dispensary

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police released surveillance video and a photo of two men that tried to rob another man outside of a dispensary in south Tulsa.

On Jan. 14 around 4 p.m., the victim left Dr. Z’s dispensary near 71st and Memorial.

According to police, as he got to his car, a black man and a lighter skinned man approached the victim and tried to take his medical marijuana and personal items.

Police say one of the men pointed a pistol at the victim’s face.

Businesses in the area say that there is a lot of foot traffic near the dispensary, but they’ve never seen an armed robbery attempt before. Businesses said they are concerned that the people who tried to rob the men are still out there.

Tulsa Police (TPD) Lt. Justin Ritter told FOX23 that the video shows the victim fighting the gunman off.

“Second suspect comes up from behind, produces a pistol, points it at the victim ... victim fights them off. They don’t get his property and run away,” Ritter explained.

Ritter said that while the victim was fortunate that none of his property was stolen, TPD strongly advises victims of a robbery to comply.

“If there’s a gun pointed at you, you’re struggling and fighting, and the gun could go off,” Ritter explained.

The brazenness of the crime is what concerned Ritter.

“These guys were confident enough to commit this during the daylight, so that’s alarming to us,” Ritter said. “Another reason why we want to get [the suspects] off the streets so they don’t try this again.”

Tulsa police are asking for the public’s help to identify the two men.