Tulsa Police, Mayor Bynum release statements following viral video of woman being arrested

TULSA, Okla. — UPDATE, 3/30/2022: Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum has released a statement on the video:

“Tulsa Police leadership brought this video to my attention last month as part of their investigation. It is heartbreaking to see a fellow Tulsan suffering a mental health crisis in a video, and it is a reminder of the difficult situations officers deal with in the field every day. I am confident in the investigation conducted by the Tulsa Police Department.”

A video circulating on social media shows Tulsa Police arresting local woman, LaDonna Paris.

Paris was arrested in October of 2021.

The viral video is edited down from 90 minutes to six minutes.

The Tulsa Police Department has released the full, unedited 90 minute body cam footage. You can watch it by clicking here.

Following this, TPD released a statement about the incident, as well as body cam footage related to the incident. Multiple videos were sent to FOX23, and we have the videos linked throughout the article.

According to their statement, on Oct. 25 , 2021, Tulsa Police received a call from ReStore employees about a woman who had locked herself in the bathroom. Officers were also told Paris left a dog locked in the van she arrived in.

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Employees told officers that Paris was not allowed in the bathroom. They also asked police to remove Paris and tell her to not come back.

Officers then requested the Community Response Team (CRT), who were busy with another call.

The next 15 minutes were spent telling Paris to come out of the bathroom, as well as rattling on the door. The door was locked, but it was not illegal for officers to force their way in. The officers continued with the lawful order to come out.

Paris said she wanted to manager to tell her she had to leave. But when Officers put the manager on speakerphone, Paris did not believe it was the manager.

Officers realized Paris had been spraying an aerosol can and had a lighter around 17 minutes into the incident. Officers obtained a fire extinguisher and were seeking to get another officer on scene, not knowing what Paris had on the other side of the door.

After 21 minutes, officers formed a plan to enter the room and control Paris’ hands. One Officer told Paris to open the door and come out.

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When Paris did not come out, the officer activated her taser. In their statement addressing the incident, police say the officer activated her taser in hopes that the sound would prompt Paris to open the door.

A third officer arrived after 33 minutes, according to TPD’s statement. The three formed a plan to enter the room and remove Paris. They discussed pepper spray to do so, but decided against using it. According to TPD, responding officers wanted to try and control her hands instead.

>>>MORE: TPD Body Cam Footage

At 34 minutes, officers entered the bathroom and took Paris into custody. While on the floor, police said Paris “sustained an injury to her face.” They did not specifically state what caused the injury.

Police said EMSA was contacted to treat her injury.

Officers spoke to Paris outside the store without incident. When officers tried to get Paris into the back of the police car, Paris resisted and kicked one of the officers.

Paris was then taken to Tulsa County and did not offer any resistance throughout the booking process, according to police.

The judge in this case dismissed the charges due to Paris’ mental health condition.

Tulsa Police said that the banter between officers “can be received as unprofessional.” And it has “been addressed with the officers.” They also said that the “overall actions of the officers and the way in which the call was handled is within the policies of the Tulsa Police Department.”

Tulsa Police released full video of the incident, but they noted, “Under normal circumstances, we would not release a video where no arrest was made, and someone was in a mental health crisis.”