Tulsa police: Marijuana still illegal without state-issued medical license

VIDEO: Medical marijuana supporters concerned over lawmaking delays

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Department said Wednesday the “possession or distribution of marijuana” remains illegal without a state-issued medical marijuana license.

Lawmakers and other state officials are still working on the implementation of State Question 788 that passed in June. The measure legalized medical marijuana in the state.

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Officials said police “will continue to uphold the law as it related to marijuana.”

Due to the fluidity of the situation, Tulsa police said the department will monitor the state’s decisions closely "for when regulations and laws change, and when licenses are issued."

What happens tomorrow when SQ 788 goes into effect?

What happens tomorrow when SQ 788 goes into effect? **Update** Hey guys and gals, we appreciate all of the comments. Our intention isn't to stir the pot (no pun intended). As the municipal law enforcement agency for Tulsa, we thought it was important to share with you our protocol during this transitional time with SQ 788. As a law enforcement agency we enforce the laws as voted upon by the people and the laws enacted by the politicians that the people vote into office. The current state law is clear in that possession of marijuana without an issued prescription card is still illegal. If a person has a state issued prescription card and is within the state established guidelines, then they are doing so withing the current law. As the regulations are put into effect by the state, we will adjust our protocols accordingly. If SQ 796 and SQ 797 get voted in by the people, then much of this is a moot point. We hope that everyone, regardless of which side you fall on, takes your enthusiasm and contact your representatives to have your voices heard. **End of update** With the passage os SQ 788, we wanted to share with you our protocols for it's implementation on July 26, 2018. State officials are still convening regarding the regulations and implementation of SQ788. Without a State issued medical marijuana license, possession and distribution of marijuana is illegal. As such, the Tulsa Police Department will continue to uphold the law as it relates to marijuana. This is a fluid situation and the Tulsa Police Department will be following the State’s decision closely for when the regulations and law changes, and licenses are issued. As new information becomes available, we will post an update. Thanks.

Posted by Tulsa Police Department on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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