• Kansas double homicide suspect dies after chase in south Tulsa

    By: Chrishayla Smith


    TULSA, Okla. - Update: Ben Converse died in the hospital over night.


    • Tulsa police and U.S Marshals responded to shots fired near 65th Street and Mingo Friday evening.
    • Police were chasing Ben Converse, who is a person of interest in double homicide case in Kansas. 
    • Investigators said they had been investigating the case all day, which led them to find two people matching the description of people who were with Converse. They then spotted Converse and he ran.
    • While officers were chasing Converse, he shot himself in the head, according to officials.
    • The man has been taken to St. Francis hospital.
    • Kansas officers are coming to interview the two people who where with Converse. The people are just being held in Tulsa. It is not a Tulsa case.
    • This story will be updated as we learn details.

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