• Tulsa police say Facebook post of hostage is not legitimate, man in custody

    By: Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - The Tulsa Police Department investigated a Facebook post being shared Thursday about a hostage.

    They determined it is not a legitimate incident and officers are questioning a man they believe is responsible for the post.

    The man -- Darrius Roberts -- is in custody on complaints of obstruction and filing a false report.

    Officers gave FOX23 Robert's mugshot from 2018 when they arrested him for obstruction of justice, the same charge he is facing now.


    Police asked the public not to share the post as they investigate its legitimacy and where the pictures are coming from and later updated that post to say it was not a real incident.

    "If you have actual first hand knowledge about any of the people involved or any information outside of the original post that can be helpful, please call 911 if you are in Tulsa, or call 918-596-9222 if you live elsewhere." - Tulsa Police/Facebook

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