Family, TPD comment on investigation into officer-involved shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A Tulsa police officer shot and killed Terence Crutcher Friday night, TPD said his death is the 50th homicide
  • Officer identified as Betty Shelby. Police said Crutcher's vehicle was blocking traffic and he did not obey commands.
  • Family told FOX23 his car stalled and he was not armed.
  • Tulsa police released video and audio of the shooting: WATCH HERE 
  • TPD Chief Chuck Jordan said Crutcher did not have a gun
  • Crutcher's family called for charges against the officer that shot Crutcher.
  • Tulsa police are investigating the incident with the Department of Justice
  • Crutcher's death marks Tulsa's 50th homicide, according to TPD Homicide investigators

The family of a man shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer want the officer to be charged. Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said the Department of Justice is investigating the shooting.

TPD and Terence Crutcher's family held news conferences on Monday to address a fatal officer-involved shooting.

family called for charges to be filed against the officer involved in the shooting.

Tulsa police released several video and audio clips from the deadly shooting:

GRAPHIC: TPD release dash camera, helicopter camera & audio from officer-involved shooting

WATCH full TPD news conference 

Officials said late Friday night Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by a police officer near 36th Street North and Lewis.

Crutcher's family told FOX23 his car stalled near the intersection. Police said when they arrived, the vehicle was blocking traffic. TPD said when officers arrived, Crutcher approached them and failed to obey commands.

Officer Tyler Turnbough deployed a Taser and Officer Betty Shelby fired her gun at Crutcher. He was struck and killed.

TPD also confirmed one of the officers in the helicopter that responded to the shooting was Officer Shelby's husband.

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Monday, TPD Chief Chuck Jordan said Crutcher did not have a gun.

Community leaders watched the dash cam video Sunday night and talked to FOX23 before police released the video to the public.

WATCH: Witness describes shooting

Police said Saturday night that the department is in contact with the Department of Justice and will work with them throughout the investigation.

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said his office will review police reports and evidence in the shooting.

“Certainly, the death of Mr. Crutcher is a tragic event and my sympathies are with his family during this difficult time,” Kunzweiler said. “It is important that the integrity of this on-going investigation be maintained, and it would be improper for me or any other law enforcement official to comment upon the specifics of the case as it could result in subsequent criminal charges.”

Kunzweiler emphasized the importance of protecting the integrity of the investigative process while balancing the need for transparency. “In this country we all enjoy the presumption of innocence regardless of any accusation leveled.  Tulsa County citizens have long demonstrated a high regard for the rule of law and respect for the legal process. I will continue to do the job I am sworn to do, and I ask our citizens to stand firm in their adherence to the rule of law. My request is that we pray for wisdom and guidance as our community addresses this sad event.”


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