• Tulsa police: Friday arrest could prevent a future murder

    By: Sara Hart

      Tulsa, Okla. -
    • Tulsa police arrested Amber Long friday afternoon.
    • Police say she shot at a man fourteen times last weekend.
    • She's also accused of stabbing a woman last spring.

    Tulsa police say an arrest made Friday afternoon quite possibly prevented a murder from happening on down the road.

    The fugitive warrants squad arrested Amber Long

    She was wanted for stabbing a woman earlier this year.

    Police say she's also accused of shooting a man fourteen times last week while he was pulling out of an apartment complex in north Tulsa. The man wasn't hit, but he did crash into multiple cars during the incident.

    Homicide detectives say they were afraid that if she stayed on the streets someone would eventually get killed by the violence.

    Friday, Homicide detectives, patrol and the warrants squad worked together to arrest her.

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