• Tulsa police double down to keep up with high murder numbers with small homicide unit

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Tulsa police say murder numbers are high.
    • They said they are a detective down in the homicide unit.
    • Regardless, they believe they are about to solve all but four homicides so far this year.


    Tulsa police say murder numbers are higher 2016 than they normally are at this time in the year.

    Right now, homicide detectives are investigating the 55th murder of the year.

    Police say Tulsa usually averages about 60 murders per year.

    Sergeant Dave Walker says the numbers were really driven up this year during August and September. Both months averaged about 10 murders.

    Walker says it's the thinnest he's seen his unit stretched since he became sergeant five years ago.

    He says the unit is going into work early and staying late trying to keep up with everything.

    On top of that, the homicide unit is down one detective right now. Detective Matt Frazier left the department for "greener pastures," according to Walker.

    So, the Tulsa Police Department only has nine full time homicide detectives.

    Walker says that even with everything going on, his crew has been about to solve all but four homicides so far this year. Two of those happened within just the last week.




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