• Tulsa police, community members working to clean up Katy Trail

    By: Jackie DelPilar



    Police and community members are teaming up to address ongoing issues along the Katy Trail.

    Neighbors say the property along the trail is full of homeless camps, trash, and criminals. The thick underbrush makes it easy for people to camp or hide unnoticed from a distance.
    Police say the trail often serves as a hiding spot for criminals in the act. They’ve gotten many complaints from businesses near Gilcrease Museum Road and from neighbors that say people will steal from them, then take off running down the trail, and are impossible to find.

    Tulsa Police Officer Darren Shipley has been working with neighbors and community leaders to come up with some solutions to clean up the trail and get rid of the crime associated with it. They’re working to track down the owners of each property to get help cleaning up or to give volunteers permission to do so.

    Officer Shipley says the cleanup is a challenge because there are nearly a dozen different owners along the trail, and they can’t do much without the owner’s permission. Neighbors have volunteered their own time and equipment to help clean it up if it comes to that.

    Officers also ask people to report crimes near the trail, no matter how minor. It will help them get a better idea of how often problems are happening.

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