Tulsa police cases featured on OSBI cold case cards

TULSA, Okla. — The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is rolling out its second deck of cold case playing cards, this time featuring 13 Tulsa police cases.

TPD cases were not featured in the first deck, so detectives said they are excited, hopeful and thankful to be partnering with OSBI for this new deck.

FOX23 reported in October 2017 when OSBI printed Series 1. The idea is to sell the cards to inmates for $5.

Investigators hope the cards will then inspire conversation among prisoners that will lead to tips.

Each of the 52 cards features an Oklahoma cold case with the name, picture and a summary of what happened, along with a number to call.

TPD investigators said they are hopeful their 13 cards will generate new leads in the following cases:

  • Michael Davis, killed in 2009.
  • Marilyn Base, killed in 1987.
  • Billy Alexander, killed in 2008.
  • Brittany Phillips, killed in 2004.
  • Damesha Hunter, killed in 2010.
  • Freda Johnson, killed in 1999.
  • Tracy Samuels, missing since 1993.
  • Patricia Palmer, killed in 1981.
  • Patricia Elsken, killed in 1988.
  • Lena Scott, killed in 1998.
  • Francine Frost, killed in 1981.
  • Terry Schmidt, killed in 1990.
  • James Cooper, killed in 2015.

TPD detectives said they have more than 200 cold cases currently open dating back to the '60s.

They want to remind the public that no tip is too small or unimportant, even if it’s just a hunch. There are money rewards available.

Tulsa police are working to have more cases added to the third deck of cards currently in the works.

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